Recon Five UAS Solutions

is an American Risk Management,

Airborne Intelligence and Aerial Imagery

Solutions Provider.

We specialize in

Unmanned Aircraft System-based

Aerial Information and Imagery Collection, Production and Dissemination to inform Tactical Decision Makers and Support the requirements of Creative Clients.

Security and Intelligence:

  • Airborne Intelligence & Security Solutions

  • Security Overwatch and Surveillance

  • Executive and Close Protection Support

  • Live Aerial Broadcasting and Streaming

  • Event and Facility Security Planning

  • Emergency and Disaster Response

  • Incident Assessment and Monitoring

  • Location Mapping

Aerial Imagery and Videography:

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Marketing

  • B-Roll

We have been FAA Part 107 Certified since 2017 and 2021 Night Qualified! 
We are based in the
Mid-Atlantic Region serving:

West Virginia
North Carolina
& Beyond


Contact Us at:
info @
or call/text
540 . 755 . 6422
to discuss your airborne intelligence

or aerial imagery project.

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