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FREDNATS PARK-M2P-20200223-1.jpg
Fredericksburg Nationals Park, Fredericksburg, VA, 2021

We have been FAA Part 107 Certified since 2017
and 2021 Night Qualified!

Recon Five Media provides remote-piloted aerial visual and thermal imaging  services for many applications:

  • Stills

  • Video

  • Time-Lapse

  • Thermal (9-Color palette)

  • Event/Site/Facility Security Planning

  • Perimeter Watch

  • Close Protection/Executive Protection Support

  • Early Threat Detection and Warning

  • Facility & Stadium Security Assessment
  • Transportation/Traffic Monitoring

  • Asset Location and Verification

  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

  • Community and Civic Event Security Monitoring

  • Disaster Response

  • Search & Rescue

  • Construction Progression

  • Much more!

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PIMAG ARTICLE 1 20200625.png
DRONE VRE CSX-1 WM 20210301.jpg

Recon Five Media is a VA-certified service-disabled, combat veteran-owned small business that creates and delivers traditional photography, 4K UHD videos and live-streamed aerial media.  Your images and videos can be streamed to the leading social media platforms as well as your custom website via private RTMP connection.

Recon Five Media uses the latest innovative video capture, encoding (streaming) and transmission technologies to insure a high quality and reliable video experience for your security project, news assignment, special occasion or community event.

Our images and videos are captured in the highest quality and processed using the latest editing platforms, Adobe Lightroom and DaVinci Resolve 18.  These are the same tools used by the top commercial photography houses in Hollywood.

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